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Consumer Loans


A personal consumer loan and overdraft from the Bank of St Vincent & the Grenadines Ltd, can help you meet your financial needs. We understand how important credit is to you personally and our trained team of Retail-Lending Officers can assist by selecting the type of consumer package best suited for your needs. We also have an online loan calculator available to help you decide what type of loan is right for you.

Calculate your estimated monthly repayments

Use our loan calculator tools which help you in planning and budgeting as you embark on the purchase of your new wheels
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Application Process

Step 1

Speak to your car dealer

Speak to your car dealer and get the invoice for your dream car

Step 2

Come to us

Speak to your Customer Relationship Executive at BOSVG who will take you through the easy process of getting your loan approved quickly
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Step 3

Begin monthly repayments

You are now set to start your affordable monthly payments which you can make in person or using our iBank online and Mobile App.