“BOSVG has been my family's bank and my bank personally and the experience has always been a good one. It was only natural that they also became the Bank for my Hardware Business.”
-Paula Durrant
Director/Co-owner - D Big Deal Hardware <!--

A Bank Built Around Your Business

  • Dedicated Corporate Officer
  • Corporate Credit Cards
  • Speedy Decision Making
  • Overdraft Facilities
  • iBank Access for 24/7 Anywhere Banking
  • Merchant Services

We Can Help You Switch

There comes a time when you need a better deal, a better Bank for your specific needs; one that hears, understands and shares your vision. Our doors are always opened to be of service to you!

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Merchant Services

Card Payment is very much the order of the day. Whether you are a retail store or a utility company offering a service, you want to have, not only a hassle free and secure means of collecting payments, but also the ability to offer greater convenience to your customers.

We have the largest ATM and Point of Sale network countrywide; for the processing all payments speedily and securely.

Card Merchants

  • 24 hour service
  • Competitive discount rates
  • Efficient support service by trained staff
  • No fees for wired Point of Sale
  • Free replacement paper rolls
  • Free initial set up
  • Reduces the costs and risks of Cash transactions


Business Accounts

Can be used by Companies to conduct business via deposits and issuance of cheques for payments.
  • Funds available on demand
  • Easier, more organized handling of expenses
  • Convenient settlement of bills/invoices via cheques
  • Compile information easily for auditing purposes
  • Real-time online access
  • Statements available online