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“Education is the gateway to the future.”

Getting Started

Place an application to the educational institution of your choice.
Proof of Acceptance from the educational institution should be provided to the Bank. 
Talk to us about the type of security you are able to provide to guarantee your loan. 
Repayment of principal will commence three months after the date of employment or six months after completion of study whichever comes first.
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How to Apply

Step 1

See Your Future...Choose Your Career Path

The time is now for you to plan your future, choose a career and find that institution of higher learning that suits you perfectly. Get all the necessary documentation.

Step 2

Share Your Aspirations With Us

We want to meet you and hear about your plans so we can partner with you in this amazing next step in your life. Our student loan experts are willing and ready to guide you through the process.

Step 3

Achieve your Dreams

With your loan approved you are on your way. Don't forget to collect your BOSVG iBank cards and apply for your iBank service so you can bank with us from anywhere. But most importantly, you have a purpose and plan to excel and we will be here with you every step of the way.

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