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In 2001 the then National Commercial Bank, now Bank of St. Vincent & the Grenadiens Ltd. became the first and only firm in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to become a full-service broker dealer firm licensed by the East Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission to operate on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange (ECSE). BOSVG Ltd. has been one of the most active broker-dealers in the trading of fixed-income securities on the Regional Government Securities Market (RGSM) and was the broker dealer to bring the first government security to the market.


The Unit’s Products & Services include the following:

-Regional Governments Treasury Bills and Bonds

-Corporate Bonds

-Brokerage Services-Primary & Secondary Market

Our knowledgeable and competent staff awaits to provide comprehensive investment advice taking into consideration the client’s investment experience, risk appetite and investment objectives. Clients managing their own portfolios also benefits from the wide range of investment and financial solutions available from BOSVG.

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Personal Risk Assessment
It is critical that you identify your risk tolerance level as a prerequisite to making a selection as to which investment vehicle is deemed adequate for you. Investors with low risk tolerance levels tend to be more comfortable with investment vehicles bearing little or virtually no risk. Such investors are prepared to accept lower returns. Investors with high risk tolerance levels tend to be more inclined to invest in higher risk investment vehicles with the possibility of earning greater returns. Investors with moderate risk tolerance levels try to strike a balance by taking some risk but still maintain mostly low risk products in their portfolios.

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