Other Services



Instead of taking cash and going to a utility company payment office, at BOSVG we simplify the process by debiting your account and making that payment for you.  Payments are conveniently updated daily.  We make your busy life easier.  When you are pressed for time you can utilize any of our 24 hour services to make your utility payments process easier. 




Service offered to customers with accounts or cash paying customers, who wish to use a Bank’s certified cheque to pay for goods and Services.




For any account holder who wishes to make regular payments to a named beneficiary(ies) on a particular date without coming into the Bank.




A lockable wallet with a trap door key is provided to the customer, who can securely deposit after banking hours by placing their deposits in the lockable wallets and depositing the wallets in the Night Safe.


The customer can return to the bank the next business day and collect their wallet.


An indemnity agreement must be signed allowing the bank to open the wallet on behalf of the customer, and allowing us to bank the contents.




  • Convenience of After Hours Deposit Facility. The businesses concerned are relieved of the responsibility for money and the risk of attack. Their cash takings are well secured within the confines of the Bank. 
  • Deposits can be processed before normal banking hours provided the Bank has an indemnity agreement from the customer allowing us to open the wallets on their behalf and depositing the contents.





This facility is a secure, confidential and professional service that allows you to deposit your valuables and documents with complete safety and peace of mind.


With your privacy and safety in mind Bank of St Vincent & the Grenadines Ltd. offers you this convenient service. You can rest assured that your important documents and other valuables are safe 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.


For further information, please contact BOSVG.