Card Services

With the BOSVG Credit Card you have immediate worldwide spending power with the ability to  use your BOSVG Credit Card anywhere in the world to shop, travel and pay virtually any expense.


Affordable and Flexible Terms


The interest rate on the BOSVG Credit Card is the lowest in the OECS.  No interest is paid if the outstanding amounts is paid in full by the payment due date.


  • Accounts are setup in EC and US dollars 
  • Interest is calculated on the previous month balance 
  • Repayment can be made in EC or US dollars 
  • Minimum credit limit is USD $1000.00 or ECD $1500.00 
  • Credit Limits must be secured 
  • The funds deposited as security will be hypothecated in a separate deposit account, and will be released on cancellation and full settlement of outstanding amounts. 
  • Request for increase or reduction in credit limits must be done in writing and allow three (3) days to process

To inquire about your BOSVG credit card account balance, please follow a few simple instructions to set up at


For further information, please contact our Card Services team:


Mrs Cloreena James-Lewis
Supervisor Card Services

Contact Number: Mobile 1-784-534-7277 / Tel 1-784-452-4153



Mrs Ronda Glasgow-DaSilva
Fraud Monitoring Officer

Contact Number: Mobile 1-784-493-1744 / Tel 1-784-452-4151