Personal Risk Assessment

It is critical that you identify your risk tolerance level as a prerequisite tomaking a selection as to which investment vehicle is deemed adequate for you. Investors with low risk tolerance levels tend to be more comfortable with investment vehicles bearing little or virtually no risk. Such investors are prepared to accept lower returns. Investors with high risk tolerance levels tend to be more inclined to invest in higher risk investment vehicles with the possibility of earning greater returns. Investors with moderate risk tolerance levels try to strike a balance by taking some risk but still maintain mostly low risk products in their portfolios.

1. If you were given the following options what would you choose?

5% chance of winning US$1 million
25% chance of winning US$150,000
50% of winning US$50,000
US$2,000 cash right now

2. If you invested US$50,000.00 in a stock that is traded on an exchange today and the price drops by 5% within one week. What would you do?

Purchase additional holdings in that stock in order to benefit from the lower price
Hold the existing units in expectation that the price will rebound
Calculate your unrealized loss and worry
Contact your broker dealer and sell the stocks on the next business day

3. Your brother is starting a new business with good prospects. He needs investors. If successful, you could make a lot of money, if not you will lose it all. What would you give him?

1 month's salary
3 month's salary
1 year's salary

4. If you received US$100,000.00 in inheritance money. What would you do with it?

Invest all of it in the stock market
Invest all of it in Treasury bills or bonds
Invest some of it in Treasury bills and bonds and save (savings account) the other bit
Put all of it in a savings account

5. How would your friends and family members describe you?

S/he is a high risk taker
S/he is Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. Cautious
S/he is risk averse
S/he will take risks but likes to play it safe

6. Your personal investment maxim has always been:

To accumulate wealth through legitimate high return instruments
To develop a balanced portfolio with high and low risk instruments
To select low yielding, saferinvestment options at all times
To invest in any instrument or venture that will provide me with the return I require

7. How frequently do you plan to try your luck at a casino or play your local lottery game?

Once weekly
Once every other week
On special occasions

8. You find the idea of gambling in general to be?

Unsound& ridiculous

9. One month before your scheduled Caribbean cruise with your family, you lose your job. What would you do?

Proceed with your plans as scheduled
Cancel your cruise and save the funds
Reduce your budget but still go on your cruise
Increase your budget and upgrade your cruise

10. Your best friend is planning to go skydiving and asks you to accompany him or her. What would your initial response be to her/him?

Not in a million years! Have you gone mad?
Sure thing! Can we go this weekend?
Maybe, I'll have to think about it.
Ok, but only if we jump together.