Mortgage Loans

Making ownership a reality with the mortgage that is right for you, that is our motto.  At Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines Ltd, we have a broad selection of mortgage products tailored to your needs and budget.


Whether you are a first time homebuyer or looking to undertake some major renovations, we have a package for you.


Residential Mortgages


We have made it easy for you to get the best possible deal through special mortgage packages designed for the needs of every sector of our economy.


Requirements for all mortgages


  • Valuation
  • Approved Plan
  • Detailed Estimate
  • Copy of Deed for Property
  • Surveyor's Plan for Land
  • Legal Fees and Bank Charges
  • Mortgages indemnity insurance - we also accept mortgage indemnity insurance to make up for the short fall in the borrower's input.  Our credit officers would be happy to guide you through this process.


 Commercial Mortgages


Commercial real estate and construction financing is available for owner-occupied buildings as well as investment properties at competitive rates and terms.