Commercial Loans

At the Bank of St Vincent & the Grenadines Ltd, we understand the needs of our corporate customers.  Whatever your business requires, our Commercial Lending Department will work with you to secure that financial support. Whether you're just starting up a new business or improving on the existing, BOSVG can provide the facilities to ensure your business ventures are realized.

Overdrafts - At BOSVG, you can arrange for an overdraft limit and use it at your discretion. Once your business has established an overdraft facility, it will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it continues to meet the business’ anticipated credit needs.

Trade Finance - Bank of St Vincent & The Grenadines offers several International Trade Instruments for handling import businesses of all kinds at competitive prices, ably assisted by SWIFT.  These include:


  • Bills for Collections - Customers who wish to import or export goods using the Bank as an agent can utilize Bills for Collection, where bills are payable at sight or acceptance of 30 days, 60days or 90days.
  • Letters of Credit - Bank of St Vincent & the Grenadines Ltd. helps you secure your import payments with Letter of Credits by helping you pay your supplier.  The importer does not have to pay if documents are not stipulated in the credit.  Commissions are charged on a percentage basis and the Bank acts at the request of the business customer according to instructions, to settle payments for imports and exports.


For further information, please Contact BOSVG.