Go Green!

Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ltd will be going green with our new E-Statements. The Go-Green initiative makes the environment around you paper-free. Use your computer for storing and getting information. The BOSVG Go-Green initiative offers you on-demand information about your account via BOSVG e-statement facility.

Through this facility, you will be able to receive your statement of accounts right in your email inbox. Available for all DDA/Checking Accounts (Foreign Currency Account not included), now you do not have to wait to receive a paper based statement of your account. When the subscription process is completed, we will ensure that your e-statement reaches your inbox.

  • Absolutely free of cost: You do not incur any cost in order to get the benefit of this facility. BOSVG believes in providing value-added service to customers and all you need to get started is your email address!
  • Accessible when you need it: BOSVG Go Green e-statement provides you with a highly convenient facility to receive your statement anywhere in the world!
  • Monthly Security:As an alternative to printed statements, BOSVG Go-Green e-statements eradicate the hassle of paperwork and the chance of having your unattended documentation read by others.
  • Easy to read format:Your BOSVG Go Green e-statement shall be sent to you in an easy to read Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf)
  • Environment friendly: There is a general awareness and drive worldwide to preserve nature and reduce the use of paper. E-Statements are an effective move in this direction.

To subscribe to BOSVG Go-Green e-statement facility:

A BOSVG representative will contact you with further details on your Go Green e-statement subscription.

Once you subscribe for the facility, you will begin receiving your statements on a monthly basis.

If you have any further questions with regards to the e-statement facility, we can be contacted via telephone number 1-784-452-4130, 1-784-452-4157 or email us via info@bosvg.com