Regular Savings Accounts

To achieve your life’s ambitions it is important to develop good saving habits. The first step to developing good investments practices is to open a savings account.


In today’s competitive environment, let Bank of St Vincent & the Grenadines Ltd assist you in taking that initial step towards your financial security.  Earn competitive interest rates while still having access to your funds..  Our savings accounts combine security and flexibility, allowing you immediate access to your funds through our ATM network, telephone or by convenient online banking.

With your regular savings account:


  • Interest is paid quarterly 
  • Deposit and withdraw at any time
  • There are absolutely no restrictions on the number of transactions that can be made.  


With a minimum deposit of $10.00, regular savings accounts can be used to facilitate:


  • Payment of utility bills
  • Transfers
  • Payment of salaries
  • Savings


For further information, please Contact BOSVG.