Foreign Currency Accounts

This offers customers’ a non-chequing, direct deposit account for foreign currency deposits. Foreign currency accounts can help you manage your receipts and payments when trading internationally, while limiting the risk and expense involved in exchanging currencies. 

Special Conditions

Minimum Balance


USD - $1,000.00
STG - $1,000.00
CND - $1,000.00
EURO - $1,000.00




  • No Ledger Fees on transactions 
  • Special Service charge by currency type 
  • Monthly Statement  



  • A Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Article of Incorporation 
  • By Laws (if appropriate) 
  • Passport extract/Driver’s license of beneficial owners, Directors and Signing Officers 
  • Bank/Credit report on beneficial Owners, Directors and Signing Officers 
  • Other Regular current mandates as appropriate
  • Financials of Incorporated Body            


*  Application forms must be completed and signed in accordance with mandates.