Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use the BOSVG Mobile Banking App?

No, this a free application.


How do I sign up for Mobile Banking with BOSVG?

To sign up for Mobile Banking, you will need to be enrolled in Online Banking. Log in with your user name and password, and enable Mobile Banking by following in the simple instructions in the Options Menu.


How is BOSVG Mobile Banking App accessed?

The App is available for download on the Google Play Store and iTunes for FREE on Android or iOS enabled devices.


Do I need Online Banking to use Mobile Banking?

Yes, once you sign up for Online Banking, and enable Mobile Banking, the App can be downloaded on Android or iOS enabled devices.


Which accounts can be viewed via the Mobile Banking App?

Accounts which are currently loaded on Online Banking.  You have the option to choose which accounts you would like to view in the App. This can be changed by logging into Online Banking and go to Options>Mobile Settings.


What hardware is needed to get the BOSVG Mobile App?

All that is required is a data enabled Android or iOS mobile device.


Is this service available for Blackberry?

This service is unavailable for BlackBerry users, however BlackBerry users can still access the mobile friendly version of the app by visiting


Is the BOSVG Mobile Banking App secure?

Yes, by the same standard which applies to your Mobile Banking and Online Banking applications


Is the Mobile Banking App available in any other language?

The App is only available in English as this time.