Broker Dealer Services

BOSVG is one of four full service broker dealer firms which were licensed to operate from the inception of the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange. We have been one of the most active brokers in the region, particularly in the trading of fixed income securities on the Regional Government Securities Market (RGSM) as well as on the secondary market and was the first intermediary to bring a government instrument to the market.


The ECSE is one of the most active security markets in the region particularly with the trading of fixed income securities such as Treasury Bills and Government and Corporate Bonds.


Through BOSVG Brokerage Unit clients can access equities, treasury bills and bonds listed and traded on the ECSE. Clients also have access to the primary market, RGSM, where governments issue treasury bills and bonds on a monthly basis. BOSVG also has strategic relationships with other regional brokerage houses operating on the Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados as well as international brokerage houses affording local clients access to regional and international listed equities and fixed income securities. 


Come in and talk to one of our Registered Representatives or contact us at  784 452 4156 or 784 452 4129 or email us at